Wednesday, 1 April 2020

We're Doomed

Private Frazer used to say "We're Doomed"

Well, if we are (and I hope we are not) it will be because people are just stupid. I am not myself immune from the stupid bug but there are hoards of folk, including politicians, who have acted and spoken with little thought as to the consequencs.

Paul Joseph Watson (below) sums it up well - as he always does. Stupid people do not follow the rules, then they change their tune.

To my shame, I posted on a blog I follow that I remembered the fuss over the Y2K bug and likened the current situation to that. I fell into a trap because I feel the media people do hype things, and news is not news unless there is plenty of speculation involved (this is why I do not listen to PM on the BBC). So, when we should believe what we hear, they have already lost their credibility.

What we need is accurate reporting. Stop crying "Wolf" and get people to understand what is best. Stop dragging up experts who contradict each other.

Friday, 20 March 2020

I was taken in

During the Brexit fiasco I was completely taken in by Jacob Rees-Mogg. I thought his calm erudite manner was good. What did he achieve? Where is he now? As far as I can see he liked to pontificate in his posh 'dulcet' tones. I was fooled.

However, I am currently very impressed with the new Chancellor Rishi Sunak who oozes confidence which does not seem fake. He talks well, has a no-nonsense approach and, for me, is a calming influence at this critical time.

Well done that man.

Also, Boris is doing a good job and does not come across as the buffoon some people have made him out to be. I do not believe Teresa May or David Cameron would have commanded the same authority as either of this guys.

Just saying!

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Guitar Stand

We have several guitars at school for which I have bought stands. We were lacking one stand so I decided to make one in the carpentry shop (I run the evening woodwork activity).

I am rather pleased with this.

Monday, 2 March 2020

We are an island

So they want to control / eradicate and generally keep Coronavirus at bay?

No they don't. What they want to do is have life as per normal and attempt to prevent it from taking hold in the UK.

News for your Boris. We are an island.

If the worst comes to the worst we should close the channel tunnel, stop all incoming flights and shipping and isolate ourselves. There will be problems with trade, food imports and much, much more so my solution is pretty half-baked: but it could be a solution.

Many years ago my father told me that what saved us in WW2 was the English Channel. Having built the tunnel all sorts of things can get through but, so far, rabies has not.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

The lot of the divorced father

I may as well face it: my children do not care for me.

My youngest daughter emailed me in 2013 saying, "By talking to me only in a cold, critical manner you have pushed me away. I no longer have any desire to talk to you." I am still trying to think what it is that I did. We have not spoken since that day.

My eldest daughter contacts me mainly at Christmas and near my birthday, I hear little news. I do not seem wanted. She too has had harsh words for me and called me 'passive-aggressive' in the past. We have the semblance of a relationship but it is far too flimsy for my liking. I cannot go on loving somebody who I hardly ever see. Is that odd?

Whilst I am extremely proud of her all and she has achieved, the odd text or email would not go amiss.

Sometimes I cannot see the point of carrying on. I live alone and friends do not enquire after my well-being.

What is particularly galling is that both daughters were fed, clothed and given shelter under the roof of my house and now - because I am the one who initiated the divorce - I seem to be the one who has to suffer.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Taking communion - hygiene

I have never particularly liked taking Holy Communion. It just happens that, as an organist or choir director, I have usually managed to receive communion early; before the congregation and the choir. This has meant that the chalice has not passed many lips and not too much saliva can have found its way into the communion wine. I have not had communion for a very long time as it is not celebrated at the school chapel where I preside.

When I fill in as an organist during the holidays (wherever it is) I do not go to receive, but that is another story.

This post has to do with advice read out at the church where I played today and all over the county, if not the country. The last time anything like this happened it was as a result of the fear of AIDS. Back then there was the silly advice that 'germs' cannot live on the silverware from which communion vessels are made. I ask you!

Today the advice has reasonable parts: no tincture, the host NOT to placed directly into the mouth of receivers but into their hands. Also, when exchanging the Peace (which I hate anyway!) the right hand is to be used for shaking hands, reserving the left one for receiving the host at communion. This is silly. I am right handed. Were I to receive communion I would - as I have always done - place my right hand over my left.

I am afraid that I do not trust people and hygiene. Stay away!

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Tuba Skinny

Over the last week or two I have discovered Tuba Skinny and I cannot stop watching them. How I wish I could play like that. Shane Cohn is superb and the clarinet parts are always exciting. In fact they are all great. They also feature Erika Lewis whose voice is really cut out for this style of music.