Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Going back

As expected, schools are to go back on 8th March. As a result there has been an email flurry because, when we go back, we are also starting a new timetable. We would have started this in January but there was not much point.

Version 1 was OK but some staff pointed out errors. In these Covid times there are two lunch sittings. In version 2 I was timetabled to have classes in both these sittings and, thus, not be able to get lunch myself.

I await version 3

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Still here

I am not blogging on here much because I have started another anonymous blog (which only friends can see) on which I am recording the events during the last year in my job before I retire.

I notice that Priti Patel wants the borders closed and says they should have been closed in March 2020.

I wonder if she reads my blog. SEE HERE!

Friday, 25 December 2020

Christmas 2020

I woke at 0630 and opened the few presents I have had. At least it is a case of quality and not quantity and those who bought them are from people who love me and I love them.

In previous years, Christmas Eve is the night when vegetables are prepared: not this year. I have not been to midnight mass for many years and it is a service I would never have gone to had I not been an organist for many years.

It is a very different Christmas this year. I have not had a tree for 5 years as it is not worth bothering with just for me. In many ways it is just another day to get through.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Herd Stupidity

Before I begin, COVID-19 sounds like a horrible illness and I hope I do not get it.

It struck me that people are like sheep. Essentially stupid and easily influenced. I was walking down the street yesterday and could smell tobacco smoke. Walter Raleigh brought tobacco to England in the late 16th century (1586).

Consider how smoking took the world by storm. Even in my youth it was widely done and I spent many a Friday evening (after bellringing) in the pub with friends secondary-smoking the fog with which smokers had filled the room. Even when I started teaching there was a smokers' corner in the staffroom: terrible!

I accept that smoking is addictive because of nicotine but I also believe people took up smoking because it was the thing to do. The weakness of humans is that they want to do what everybody else does. This creates a social group and folk like to have an identity and sense of belonging.

All clothes fashions are the same. Flared trousers were once all the rage: you get my drift. It was once the fashion to go to church; but they say that died out in the 1960s with the Forsyte Saga on TV.

In 2020 the new craze is to wear a mask. It is now a fashion item. I am not going to debate whether it is, or is not, necessary to wear a mask; I will leave that up to others. I will say that people are stupid and follow a trend: we even have a label - FOMO. Getting the newest phone or whatever status symbol is current is what people love to do.

This may be a ramble, but I suspect there is more than a grain of truth in it.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Wiltshire Farm Foods 4

Recently I have had the Cumberland Pie. Oh my goodness - this was dreadful so I am not even going to bother to score it. If I had not had baked beans with it I would still have been hungry. Where did they get the meat?

I also had Faggots in Gravy with Mash and Peas this week. This had to be microwaved for 12 minutes. Can you imagine what 12 minutes does to frozen peas? The faggots were dreadful: another one to avoid.

It seems to me that WFF have a motto. "Cover everything in a sauce or gravy and people will not know what they are eating".

Well, at least I tried their food. The sad thing is that my sister bought some of these in for our 91 year old mother who was a good cook. She has not said what she thought of them.

Also Syrup Sponge and Custard - no, just no.

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Wiltshire Farm Foods 3

I have had a few more meals since my last post. Also, my reviews were slow to appear on the company website although most are there now.

The Beef Bourguignon was disappointing. The meat (what there was of it) was tough and unappealing. The mashed potato was OK and the red cabbage was nice.

  1. Taste 7/10
  2. Presentation 7/10
  3. Texture 6/10
  4. Value 6/10
  5. Hunger satisfaction 5/10

Total 62%

The Bakewell Tart was disappointing too and the pastry was soggy.

  1. Taste 7/10
  2. Presentation 7/10
  3. Texture 4/10
  4. Value 8/10
  5. Hunger satisfaction 6/10
Total 64%

The Vegetable Curry was nice if a small portion (for me). I had a waffle and ice cream for pudding (not from WFF) and an hour later I was hungry again.

  1. Taste 9/10
  2. Presentation 9/10
  3. Texture 9/10
  4. Value 9/10
  5. Hunger satisfaction 6/10

Total 84%

The Chocolate Sponge was fantastic.

  1. Taste 10/10
  2. Presentation 10/10
  3. Texture 10/10
  4. Value 9/10
  5. Hunger satisfaction 10/10

Total 98%

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Wiltshire Farm Foods 2

Today I didn't feel like cooking so I had Lancashire Hotpot followed by Lemon Sponge and Custard for lunch.

I enjoyed these. I would have been proud to have presented a guest with the hotpot had I made it myself. It wasn't clear that there was much meat in it but enough got stuck in my teeth! (No fault of WFF). There was plenty of potato and the slices are far better than the potatoes on the previous meal.

The pudding was fine, not huge, but adequate. It is an important point that - had I cooked one myself (larger) - I would have had 'seconds' so, as I only had one, it was better for me.

Hotpot 98% thus

  1. Taste 10/10
  2. Presentation 9/10
  3. Texture 10/10
  4. Value 10/10
  5. Hunger satisfaction 10/10

Pudding 90% thus

  1. Taste 9/10
  2. Presentation 9/10
  3. Texture 10/10
  4. Value 10/10
  5. Hunger satisfaction 7/10